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In 2010 when 14 area Chicago Public Schools are listed for closure, consolidation or turn-arounds, one school, Simon Guggenheim Public School and one neighborhood, Englewood, decides to "fight back!"

Led by Jonathan Jackson, son of former Presidential nominee, Rev Jesse Jackson and writer/producer Josef Cannon (former student of Guggenheim) set out on this crusade to rescue an institution that meant so much to so many. This is their story.

Simon Guggenheim Elementary School was among 14 listed for closure when former student, (Josef Cannon) assembled his film crew and began a crusade along with Jonathan Jackson to save his Alma Mater. The mission was successful when "Guggenheim" was officially taken off the endangered list.

Executive Producers: Josef Cannon, Adam Karst, Anton Mitchell, Bruce Lee, Ken Streutker & Kathy Brayton.

Associate Producers: Jonathan Jackson & Jesse Jackson Sr.

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