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When music producer Sistine Angelo discovers that his estranged father, accomplished Jazz pianist, Winston Jones has died before they were able to reconcile, he begins to struggle with inner turmoil. Sistine's grief is heightened when given a box left behind for him by his dad that contains items and information that could help resolve his battle. Among the items are two tickets to Europe purchased by his father, who had planned on taking Sistine there on Father's Day hoping it would have been the perfect time and place to mend their issues.  

Winston's love of art, especially the works of MICHELANGELO, whom he named his only son after, plays a major role in unraveling this mystery. Although his ex-wife offers her support, Sistine's selfishness, which his dad hoped he would out-grow, keeps him alone in every aspect of his life.

A physical confrontation with his cousin over his father's death leads Sistine to board a flight to Paris and London in search of the answers he now believes can only come from visiting this foreign land. It is there, in Paris, and in the world famous Louvre museum that he finally understands on FATHER'S DAY - Sometimes the best gift, is often forgiveness. 

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