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CannonVision Productions: FRAGMENTED TRUTH

​​"When the mysterious death of an undercover agent makes everyone with a badge a suspect, each of their stories come with pieces of a lie!" 

FRAGMENTED TRUTHS' origins began in Bangkok Thailand, where producing partners Josef Cannon & Adam Karst were starring  in "The Eagle Path" a movie that was recently screened at the prestigious CANNES FILM FESTIVAL.  It was there the pair discussed writing, producing and starring in a project they felt would stretch the limits of Independent film making.

They wrote the script with the intentions of not giving the actors any more detail about the project except the scenes they were in and they only got that the day before filming for they wanted the "honesty" they felt would come from such a unique way of shooting.

The actors, just like their characters found out what was unfolding at the exact same time. This made all the performances real and less rehearsed!

Fragmented Truth was filmed in Berlin Germany, San José del Cabo, Baja California Sur, and Los Angeles, California. 

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